THE LAST ITALIAN: A SAGA IN THREE PARTS begins in the late 19th century Kingdom of Italy and follows three generations of the Vacci and Como families, bound by blood and shared histories. Over a period of sixty-three years, the protagonists face epidemics, violence, social upheaval, emigration, and warfare as Italy lurches from quasi-feudalism into the cauldron of World War II. The series' characters strive to sustain love, loyalty, and honor against all odds, even as Fate forever stands ready to abruptly intervene. 


Love, jealousy, murder, vendetta, all in the time of cholera. Then the brigands strike!

Carlo Como goes out fishing one dawn on the wide river near his northern Italian village of Castrubello. But this morning Carlo hauls in a far different catch, one that will allow him to marry his love, Tonia, a worker in the town's dismal silk mill. But Carlo's discovery unleashes a chain of fate-driven events that will define himself and his family for decades to come.


Meanwhile, Tonia's brother Ettore is determined to advance on his own merits. With a hot-headed partner, he travels south to carve The King's Road through the mountains of Campania. Ettore soon finds himself fighting an impossible deadline and a band of cut-throat brigands who swear to violently halt the brazen intruder threatening their mountain lair.



It is predicted to be a quick and glorious triumph. The reality is more brutally primal.

In 1911, Brothers Gianni and Renzo Como land with an elite Bersaglieri regiment at Tripoli, Libya, as the Kingdom of Italy declares war on the Ottoman Empire. At first total victory seems assured, but the invasion soon devolves into desperate combat as Italian forces are assaulted from all sides. Renzo, charged by his family to protect his younger brother, puts his life on the line to live up to his duty during a treacherous battle fraught with confusion, courage, and unimaginable cruelty.

Despite dire warnings, Angelina Scrivatti undertakes perilous emigration to America to claim a promise of marriage. She arrives at a northern Michigan mining town to discover the man she loves living in hellish despair. Their efforts to reclaim happiness soon become swept up in a storm of ethnic violence that leads to a brutal and dark Christmas Eve -- with one final chance at personal redemption.


Pitiless winter arrives for the Kingdom of Italy; the divided family, like La Patria itself, faces extinction.

Ettore Vacci celebrates his 80th birthday in 1942 even as Italy embraces its disastrous alliance with Nazi Germany. Serving with the Italian 8th Army near Stalingrad, Donato Como and his engineer battalion face a massive Soviet offensive and killing temperatures as they battle for survival on Russia's unforgiving steppes. As the Axis lines break, Donato leads his men in a dangerous quest to find safety in a howling wasteland, hounded by the Soviets and oppressed by retreating Germans now violently disdainful of their Italian allies. As Donato faces the harsh truths of war, his allegiance to the home of his forefathers deepens as never before.

In Castrubello, Regina Vacci, Donato's beloved, courageously defies the Fascist authorities' merciless persecution of Jews. Meanwhile, Ettore Vacci is shocked to witness his nephew Pietro Como rise to political power within Benito Mussolini's iron regime. With family loyalties divided, Vacci finds he must act -- for justice, for Castrubello, for his family's onore.

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